Better customer exit surveys for better insights

Smart retention requires understanding why customers cancel. Ask the right questions and surface actionable insights with ProsperStack.

Deadline Funnel
We used to make assumptions about why our customers were canceling but ProsperStack gave us data that we could act on.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

Get more out of your exit survey

Turn your cancellation flow into a subscriber-saving machine. Discover the primary reasons customers leave and prevent cancellations with the right incentives. Do more with conditional logic, segmentation and other advanced features.

Randomize multiple choice option order
Randomization helps prevent display order from skewing answer data.
Ask follow-up exit survey questions 
Some answers require further explanation. Dig deeper with conditional questions.
Match the right exit survey to the right customer
Target specific exit survey questions to subscriber segments.
Create customer segments based on exit survey answers
Analyze data and offer targeted deflections based on cancellation reasons and more.
See individual and aggregate data
Get to know an individual customer’s journey and analyze customer cohorts together.
Use sentiment analysis to enrich data
Highlight popular keywords in customer answers. See positive, negative and neutral sentiments in aggregate.
Calculate ROI
Get ProsperStack’s Ultimate Customer Exit Survey Template

Exit survey FAQs

Does ProsperStack have an exit survey template to get started with?
Yes, every account starts with a default cancellation flow based on best practices.
Which ProsperStack plans include exit surveys?
All plans include all exit survey features.

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