Customer exit surveys that tell you everything you need to know

To start saving customers, you’ll need an exit survey to find out why they want to cancel – and a way to turn that data into insights.

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We used to make assumptions about why our customers were canceling but ProsperStack gave us data that we could act on.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

Get more out of your exit survey

Our cancellation flow is loaded with features that turn exit surveys into subscriber-saving machines. You need to know why your customers want to cancel to improve your product. That means conditional logic, segmentation and other advanced features to stop them from canceling.

Randomize exit survey question order
Randomizing question order eliminates the opportunity for the way you display a question to skew the answers
Ask follow-up exit survey questions 
Ask a second question to dig deeper into specific reasons for canceling
Match the right exit survey to the right customer
Target specific exit survey questions to people based on their segment 
Create customer segments based on exit survey answers
Analyze data and offer specific deflections based on why a customer says they want to cancel
See individual and aggregate data
Get to know an individual customer’s journey and analyze customer cohorts together
Use sentiment analysis to enrich data 
See popular keywords in customer answers and quickly understand positive, negative and neutral sentiments in aggregate
Calculate ROI
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Exit survey FAQs

Does ProsperStack have an exit survey template to get started with?
Yes, every account will have a default cancellation flow already created following best practices we’ve discovered over time.
Which ProsperStack plans include exit surveys?
All plans include all exit survey features.
Can customers select more than one answer to my questions?
Yes, when you create your question there is a setting to allow multiple answers.
Can customers add their own custom answer option to my multiple choice questions?
Yes, we recommend adding an “other” option to your questions where customers can add their own answers.
Can a customer leave open-ended feedback in an exit survey?
Yes, ProsperStack offers open-ended questions with text answers.
Can I display an extra question if a customer selects a certain answer?
Absolutely – ProsperStack has conditional question settings as well as the ability to segment users by answer and direct them to entirely different flows with custom deflections tailored to their reason for canceling.

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