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We used to make assumptions about why our customers were canceling but ProsperStack gave us data that we could act on.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

Boost customer retention by focusing on impactful product improvements

Make retention a reality

See fewer cancellations and more happy customers as ProsperStack lets you focus on buyer wants and product needs.

Add hours to your day with maximized customer lifetime value

Clear some space in your schedule. ProsperStack’s got your back, taking the data drudgery off your plate so you can make product improvements your top priority.

Spot product hiccups and golden opportunities in a snap

Understand what your customers need and want, in real-time, so you can channel your genius into creating and supporting, not data digging.

Prioritize key feature requests

Your dev hours are precious. Let ProsperStack help you spot which product ideas should jump to the front of the line.

Implementation so smooth you’ll hardly believe it

Quick, low-code installation

With seamless integration at its core, your dev team will have ProsperStack up and running in no time.

Get in sync with your systems

Collect customer intel like a pro with streamlined integrations. Stripe, Chargebee, Paddle and more.

Customize workflows to match your product needs

Gain the customer experience data you need on autopilot and adapt your product to match the latest demands.

Leverage clear cancellation insights

Forget sifting through customer interviews and exit surveys. ProsperStack gives you real time churn insights without burning your time.

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The custom branding features are super important to Hootsuite. Custom CSS is easy to add and it’s very straightforward to use.
Henning Heinrich
Product Growth Team Lead

ProsperStack, your product team’s new best friend

Decode customer behavior, slash churn, skyrocket retention and keep your product up-to-date — without drowning in data.

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