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Upgrade your cancel button. Slash churn immediately and surface impactful product insights for outstanding customer satisfaction.

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We used to make assumptions about why our customers were canceling but ProsperStack gave us data that we could act on.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

The drop-in cancel flow for product teams

Get more from your cancellation experience

Seamlessly integrated, highly customizable and always on duty, ProsperStack surfaces the data you need to guide product enhancements, all while preventing up to 39% of cancellations.

Understand why customers leave

Ever wish you could peek into the mind of a customer about to cancel? Sophisticated exit surveys, powerful segmentation, sentiment analysis and key phrase selections mean you’ll see the big picture and the fine detail.

Spot product hiccups and golden opportunities

Better data, better product. ProsperStack helps reveal the most pressing customer pain points and the feature requests that matter most.

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Easy setup and seamless integration

Stress-free setup

ProsperStack’s seamless low-code integration means you’ll be up and running in days, not months.

Customization in a snap

Customize the offboarding experience from top to bottom, instantly. Or loop in stakeholders with draft previews. No developers necessary.

Get in sync with your systems

Collect customer intel like a pro with streamlined integrations. Connect your billing platform, CRM and more for advanced reporting and personalized incentives.

And we're adding more integrations all the time!
The custom branding features are super important to Hootsuite. Custom CSS is easy to add and it’s very straightforward to use.
Henning Heinrich
Product Growth Team Lead

Unblock your product team with automated insights

Slash churn, decode customer behavior and ship features that move the needle. That’s subscriber retention done right.

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