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Upgrade your cancel button. Slash churn immediately and surface meaningful insights for outstanding customer success.

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ProsperStack is a powerful tool that allows our CX team the ability to capture valuable churn data without constantly asking for engineering help.
Nick Reyes
Chief Revenue Officer

The drop-in cancel flow for customer success teams

Automated churn prevention, greater LTV

Improve your most important metrics, automatically. When customers go to cancel, ProsperStack is there with targeted solutions and alternatives, preventing up to 39% of cancellations.

Identify at-risk customers

Stop churn when it starts with powerful deflections. Get notified when customers consider canceling, so you can engage on a more personal level.

Unlock the mysteries of customer churn

Answer the why behind customer cancellations. Easily design sophisticated exit surveys, then surface actionable insights with segmentation, sentiment analysis and key phrase selections.

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Easy setup and seamless integration

Stress-free setup

Easy integration and immediate results. ProsperStack’s seamless low- and no-code options mean you’ll be up and running in days, not months.

Customization in a snap

Customize the offboarding experience from top to bottom, instantly. Or loop in stakeholders with draft previews. No developers required.

Harmonize with your tech stack

Integrated with your customer data ecosystem. Connect your billing platform, CRM and more for advanced reporting and personalized incentives.

And we're adding more integrations all the time!

Supercharge your customer success with ProsperStack

Conquer churn and decode customer behavior for outstanding long-term customer success. That’s subscriber retention done right.

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