Put retention optimization on Autopilot

Perfect your incentives with AI. Let Autopilot create and test offer variations, refining over time to maximize your results. Now that’s smart.

Continual experimentation, automated improvement

Through rounds of testing, Autopilot discovers the changes — big and small — that make your best-performing offer.

Design your offer
Configure your offer as usual, leaving copywriting to Autopilot.
Autopilot generates and tests 3 variants
Review and approve before going live, Autopilot does the rest.
A winner is crowned and the process repeats
The top performer moves to the next round against 2 new variants, in a cycle of experimentation and improvement.
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Small changes, big results

Little things do matter. Autopilot continually seeks to improve offer performance — bit by bit, cutting churn and boosting growth.

Persuasive copywriting

Put Autopilot in charge of writing and testing your offer copy — and discover enticing enhancements. Or write your own, Autopilot won’t mind.

Dialed-in discounts

Does “21% off for 4 months” outperform “25% for 3”? Autopilot runs tests like this, on repeat. Just choose ranges for coupon discount and duration, then let Autopilot take the controls.

More saves, faster growth

What matters is results. Whether you already have a great offer or want to start from scratch, Autopilot continually revises and tests to optimize for acceptance rate.

That’s customer retention on Autopilot

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Autopilot offer FAQs

How do Autopilot offers work?
Autopilot offers are similar to A/B tests, but run by AI. Autopilot creates variants of your offer, tests them, and chooses the top performer to move onto the next round, in which the process repeats.
What kind of changes does Autopilot make?
Autopilot generates variations of offer headlines, body copy and button text. Your review and approval is required before offers go live.
Which ProsperStack plans include Autopilot offers?
Prosper and Enterprise plans include Autopilot offers. Or speak to our sales team for other options.

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