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An invaluable asset to our business. We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend ProperStack to any ecommerce store looking to take their operations to the next level.
Andrew Feld

The drop-in cancel flow that has it allAnd then some

Get valuable feedback that’s easy to analyze

Customize your exit surveys and get the most out of your customer feedback with sentiment analysis and key phrase selections.

Resolve service issues to avoid cancellation

Respond to reasons for leaving with the right help article, customer support or a persuasive discount. ProsperStack has the tools for any scenario.

Match the right person with the right offer

Segment customers into meaningful cohorts and respond in real-time to exit survey feedback with the right retention offer.

Flexible, accurate data at scale

Get to know individual customers or understand all of your customer behavior better in aggregate.

No ongoing development support needed

Make changes at any time in ProsperStack. Once implementation is complete you won’t need another line of code to maximize retention.

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We help ecommerce companies accelerate growth

Important for any e-commerce subscription business.
Joni Hanson Davis
CEO and Founder

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