Skyrocket MRR with effortless churn reduction

Upgrade your cancel button and prevent up to 39% of cancellations, automatically.

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Getting started with ProsperStack is really easy and the ROI makes it a no brainer. ProsperStack is a powerful tool that allows our CX team the ability to capture valuable churn data without constantly asking for engineering help.
Nick Reyes
Chief Revenue Officer

The drop-in cancel flow for CEOs and founders

Customer retention on autopilot

Turn your offboarding flow into a subscriber-saving machine. Discover the primary reasons customers leave and maximize retention with targeted incentives, A/B testing and powerful reporting.

Data-driven customer insights

Ever wish you could peek into the mind of a customer about to cancel? Surface the answers with sophisticated exit surveys, sentiment analysis and key phrase selections.

Focus on what matters

Put ProsperStack to work immediately, instead of spending months on in-house solutions that take time and focus away from product innovation.

Empower your teams

No more bottlenecks. From exit survey customization to offer optimization, ProsperStack puts all the tools into the hands of customer success, growth marketing and product teams—for faster results.

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Easy setup and seamless integration

Stress-free setup

Easy integration and immediate results. ProsperStack’s seamless low- and no-code options mean you’ll be up and running in days, not months.

Customization in a snap

Customize the offboarding experience from top to bottom, instantly. No additional code required, meaning your dev team is free to focus on product innovation.

Integrated with the tools you already use

ProsperStack works seamlessly with your billing, CRM, customer data platforms, and more, enabling advanced reporting and personalized incentives.

And we're adding more integrations all the time!

Boost your MRR with smart, automated churn reduction

Slash churn from day one, boost revenue growth and keep product development in the fast lane. That’s subscriber retention done right.

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