Skyrocket MRR with effortless churn reduction

ProsperStack is your smooth-sailing, high-octane, game-changing ally in reducing customer churn and enhancing product development.

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Getting started with ProsperStack is really easy and the ROI makes it a no brainer. ProsperStack is a powerful tool that allows our CX team the ability to capture valuable churn data without constantly asking for engineering help.
Nick Reyes
Chief Revenue Officer

Keep your most valuable customers coming back for more

Customer retention made easy

ProsperStack is the streamlined drop-in cancellation solution that makes churn management a breeze.

Maximize resource efficiency

Direct your attention and business resources to what matters most. With ProsperStack handling churn, your teams can focus on operations, product innovation and customer happiness.

Stay nimble and tackle issues like a pro

Need a responsive, maintenance-free solution to churn? ProsperStack is your agile answer to team-wide wins in customer retention.

Powerful problem solving

Building churn solutions in-house is resource-intensive for businesses, which is why ProsperStack offers a better solution. Anticipate cancellations before they happen without any added maintenance headache — and keep more customers.

Data-driven customer insights

Know your buyers inside out with real-time inputs that give you the knowledge to make effective, informed business decisions.

Churn you can take to the bank

Let healthy churn numbers do the talking with buyers and investors to boost your company’s credibility and gain the financial backing you deserve.

No developers necessary

Keep your dev team free to focus on core offerings while we take care of churn.

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Easy setup and seamless integration

Code-free churn solutions, up and running in no time

No more coding marathons. Our drop-in customer retention platform is ready to go instantly, giving your dev team a well-deserved lift.

Perfectly integrated with the tools you already use

ProsperStack is designed to blend seamlessly with your billing, CRMs, customer data platforms and more, functioning like a trusted teammate from the start.

Prevent churn with better customer data

Ever wish you could peek into the mind of a customer about to walk away? ProsperStack’s cancellation insights give you just that — a deep understanding of why customers cancel and how to prevent it.

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Connect your favorite platforms so you can automate all the hard work

And we're adding more integrations all the time!

Boost your MRR with ProsperStack’s smart, automated churn reduction platform

As a business leader, your plate is full, and your time is precious, so we’ve got your back. We’re here to empower your company, help teams sidestep churn and keep product development in the fast lane.

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