Prevent churn and win back lost revenue.

ProsperStack is the drop-in cancellation flow that prevents churn, automatically. Use targeted offers to save customers and capture feedback to make informed product, pricing and remarketing decisions.

Start collecting answers today

The ProsperStack cancellation flow is a low-friction, beautiful offboarding experience that's kind to users and serves your business. Embed it directly into your application with just a few lines of code. After that, customize everything within ProsperStack—no developer necessary!

Save customers with targeted special offers

Turn your cancellation flow into a powerful churn-prevention tool. Present special offers tailored to the reason a customer is leaving. Analyze results and customize at any time to learn what's most effective.

Recapture lost revenue and make better business decisions

According to a McKinsey report, re-engaging past customers is up to 10 times less expensive than acquiring new ones. Answers in ProsperStack help you retarget lost revenue effectively, plus provide insight into key decisions about your product roadmap, pricing, service and support.

See it in action

Integrate your payment processor

Connect Stripe or Chargebee to completely automate special offers and track more data, including recovered revenue.

“Awesome! We saved our first customer within 24 hours.”

— Jeff Pauline, Product Manager, CATS Software

Don't just let churn happen.