Don’t let customers slip away

Reduce churn 10-30% with a better subscription cancellation flow.

Reducing churn automatically for high-volume subscription businesses.
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Grow LTV with automated retention

Save customers at the last second with persuasion techniques used by the biggest brands.

We incorporate user offboarding strategies learned by studying top companies like LinkedIn & Adobe.

“Awesome! We saved our first customer within 24 hours.”

— Jeff Pauline, Product Manager, CATS Software

Maximize ROI

Perfect your offers and other interventions with our powerful tools.

A/B testing
Personalized expert
Segmentation to prioritize your best customers

Understand why customers leave

Collect the right feedback so you can make better product, pricing and marketing decisions.

Analyze exit survey data all in one place
Correlate lost MRR to reasons for leaving
Extract sentiment from free-form answers

Empower customer-focused teams

Allow product, support and success roles to customize questions and interventions at any time, instead of vying for limited development resources.

Integrate your subscription platform to automate everything

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