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No more guesswork. Find answers, optimize incentives and retain more customers for clear ROI.

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ProsperStack is really easy to set up and to use. We were able to make an impact right away – we regularly see over 10x ROI.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

Test your way to the perfect cancellation flow

Go beyond the basics with powerful A/B testing. Put offers, wording and visual presentation head to head — and discover not only what entices customers to stay, but what maximizes retained revenue.

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Actionable insights to power your retention strategy

See the big picture or focus in on an individual customer’s journey with powerful reporting. Surface popular keywords and sentiment from unstructured feedback, slice and dice with complex segments and discover the trends that matter.

A/B testing FAQs

What can I A/B test in ProsperStack?
A/B test retention offers and entire cancellation flows.
How many offers or flows can I test at once?
Compare up to three offers or flows in each test.
Which ProsperStack plans include dashboard reports?
All plans include the same dashboards and reports.
Which ProsperStack plans include A/B testing features?
Prosper and Enterprise plans include A/B testing features.

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