Easy A/B testing & insights that you can act on immediately

Save 30% more customers with the perfect cancellation flow. ProsperStack offers A/B testing tools & powerful insights — no development required.

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ProsperStack is really easy to set up and to use. We were able to make an impact right away – we regularly see over 10x ROI.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

Test-and-learn your way to the perfect cancellation flow

Testing discount amounts, wording and even visual representation can reveal trends in your customer behavior. Use ProsperStack to go a step beyond A/B testing offers and start A/B testing your entire cancellation flow to find the perfect flow for each of your customer segments.

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Actionable insights to power your retention strategy

At ProsperStack, we believe in doing subscriber retention right. The cancellation flow of your dreams has to hit your retention KPIs. Our dashboards help you focus on retaining maximum revenue by keeping your most valuable subscribers. You can test-and-learn your way to hitting your revenue goals.

A/B testing FAQs

What can I A/B test in ProsperStack?
Retention offers can be A/B tested as well as entire cancellation flows.
Do I have to configure the dashboard myself?
No. ProsperStack comes with reports already created to drive actionable subscriber retention insights.
How many offers or flows can I test at once?
ProsperStack allows up to three offers or flows to be tested against each other at once.
Which ProsperStack memberships include dashboard reports?
All memberships include the same dashboards and reports.
Which ProsperStack memberships include A/B testing features?
Prosper and Enterprise memberships include A/B testing features.

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