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Discover the Best Retention Offers with Enhanced A/B Testing

October 29, 2021

Introducing our newest feature: enhanced A/B testing of offers designed to help you discover the most effective retention techniques.

Offer A/B testing results in ProsperStack

Create A/B tests with up to three offers to pit them directly against each other. ProsperStack will test, collect metrics and determine the winning offer — automatically.

Here are some ideas of how you can use the enhanced A/B testing to automatically optimize your cancellation experience:

  • Test coupon discounts and durations to find the most cost-effective way to increase retention

  • Try out varying lengths of account pauses or trial extensions

  • Test out different plans (upgrades, downgrades) to find out which offer is the most enticing

Example of a "change plan" offer

Optimizing offer acceptance rates can lead to huge gains in retention — even a few percentage points can be meaningful. Determining the most effective offers and understanding the statistics and data by hand can be challenging. ProsperStack gives you the tools to make meaningful impacts on your churn and get every last percentage point of retention so you can focus on growing your business.

Check out the A/B testing documentation for more details on how this powerful new feature works! Or schedule a demo and we'll show you it in action.

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