Accelerate growth with automated retention

Upgrade your cancel button to a testable, automated offboarding flow and prevent up to 39% of cancellations.

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ProsperStack gave us some surprising insights about why our customers were leaving that we only had suspicions of prior. This new vantage point became crucial to understanding our growth plan for our business.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

The drop-in cancel flow for growth marketing teams

Start saving more customers instantly

Then refine your way to the optimal subscriber-saving machine. Discover the primary reasons customers leave and maximize retention with targeted incentives, A/B testing and powerful reporting.

Match customers to the right offers and deflections

Go beyond discounts. Deploy a wide variety of incentives and deflections. Segment customers into meaningful cohorts and respond in real-time to exit survey feedback with the right retention strategy.

Insights that deliver

Answer the why behind customer cancellations. Easily design sophisticated exit surveys, then surface actionable insights with segmentation, sentiment analysis and key phrase selections.

Iterate quickly and optimize everything 

Take ownership of your offboarding. With instant edits, sophisticated offer matching and A/B testing, the cancellation flow of your dreams is possible. No developers necessary.

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Easy setup and seamless integration

Stress-free setup

ProsperStack’s seamless low- and no-code options mean you’ll be up and running in days, not months.

Customization in a snap

Customize the offboarding experience from top to bottom, instantly. Or loop in stakeholders with draft previews. All without waiting on your development pipeline.

Integrated with the tools you already use

Bring in the data you need to get the job done. Connect your billing platform, CRM and more for advanced reporting and personalized incentives.

And we're adding more integrations all the time!

The fastest way to supercharge customer retention and growth

Slash churn from day one, then improve your cancellation flow over time with superior insights and optimizations. That’s subscriber retention done right.

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