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The perfect cancellation experience is possible. ProsperStack is seamlessly branded, easy to use, integrates with everything and has all the optimization tools you need.

The custom branding features are super important to Hootsuite. Custom CSS is easy to add and it's very straightforward to use.
Henning Heinrich
Product Growth Team Lead

Create the perfect cancellation flow

Your cancellation flow is a super important part of how your customers experience your brand. ProsperStack’s custom CSS and branding features make sure it’s consistent with your website and app.

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Custom branding FAQs

Which ProsperStack plans include custom CSS?
Prosper and Enterprise plans include custom CSS features. If your service has a low volume of cancellations but you still want to use custom CSS, ask about options during your demo.
Do I have to use custom CSS to brand my cancel flow?
No! You can add your logo to any cancel flow, even without CSS.

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