Customer segmentation tools that drive retention

Retention isn’t one-size-fits-all. Dive deeper into subscriber data, offer the right incentives, and resolve pain points fast, to save more customers.

ProsperStack enables us to offer our most loyal customers subscription renewal discounts and target other customer segments with unique offers.
Clay Reimus
Director of Growth & Analytics

Customer segmentation for tailored retention

Define key subscriber segments
Zero in on big fish and small fries using any data from your billing platform, CRM or other integrations.
Save more customers with targeted offers
Make the right offer to the right subscriber at the right time with sophisticated offer rules.
Surface insights for continued optimization
From survey answers to offer performace, analyze data across segments to maximize effectiveness.
Calculate ROI

Customer segmentation strategy the ProsperStack way

Don’t just save more customers, retain maximum revenue. All while providing the best possible experience for your users. That’s subscriber retention done right.

Two key segmentation strategies:
Segment high-value customers and incentivize them to stay with retention discounts 
Segment customers with service issues and deflect cancellations by reinforcing value and overcoming objections

Customer segmentation FAQs

What data can I use to segment customers?
If your billing platform or CRM/CDP has a field for it, you can segment by it. You can also segment customers based on exit survey answers or previous activity in ProsperStack.
How can I use customer segments to customize my cancellation flows?
Use segments for offer matching, or to hide/show any step in your cancellation flow. Additionally, customers can be routed to different flows based on their segment.
Does ProsperStack support multiple languages and currencies?
Yes! ProsperStack supports segmenting customers into flows with different languages and currencies.

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