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The cancellation experience of your dreams is personalized for every single customer so you can resolve their pain points and keep them subscribed. ProsperStack makes it easy.

ProsperStack enables us to offer our most loyal customers subscription renewal discounts and target other customer segments with unique offers.
Clay Reimus
Director of Growth & Analytics

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Look at your cancellation flow, billing platform & CRM to determine segmentation criteria
Many companies begin with location, language, currency, subscription type or LTV groups
Create a segment with ProsperStack’s customer segmentation tools
The customer segmentation tools support and/or logic so you can easily create complex, tailored segments
Connect customer segments to flows that perfectly meet their needs
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Segments can be used to send customers to tailored cancellations flows or filter and analyze any data in your ProsperStack account
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Customer segmentation strategy the ProsperStack way

We believe in doing subscriber retention right. That means providing the best experience possible for customers while measuring success in a way that impacts your bottom line. ProsperStack’s tools allow you to focus on retaining maximum revenue, not just saving customers. We’ll help you put real business impact before vanity metrics.

Two key segmentation strategies:
Segment high-value customers and incentivize them to stay with retention discounts 
Segment customers with service issues and deflect cancellations by reinforcing value and overcoming objections

Customer segmentation FAQs

What kind of data can I use to segment my customers?
The sky's the limit. Any fields available in any tool you have integrated with ProsperStack as well as any actions a customer has taken in your cancellation flows can be utilized for segmentation. ProsperStack supports and/or statements so you can build complex segments easily.
How can I use my customer segments to customize my cancellation flows?
You can use customer segments to determine which cancellation flow a customer will be sent through. You can also use them to determine if a customer is shown any given step inside a cancellation flow. Additionally, you can use segments to filter the data in your ProsperStack account for deeper analysis.
Does ProsperStack support multiple languages and currencies?
Yes! ProsperStack supports segmenting customers into flows with different languages and currencies.

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