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Since integrating ProsperStack, we’ve retained a huge fraction of customers who would’ve been lost otherwise. ProsperStack stands out for customizability, feature completeness and customer support. They’ve even added features for us within a 24-hour turnaround. Can’t beat that!
Michael Diamond
Sr. Product Manager
How Hootsuite prevented $997k revenue churn
Using ProsperStack, Hootsuite was able to quickly iterate and improve their cancellation flows. Customer segmentation, targeted offers and tailored deflections helped them beat their revenue retention goals, preventing nearly $1M in churn the first year.
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How Star Tribune reduced their call center strain and improved their save rate
Star Tribune implemented ProsperStack in just a few days, making self-service cancellation possible. In the first year, they ran fifteen A/B tests to optimize their flow, resulting in an 18.5% online stop-save rate.
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How Soundstripe retained 500 users and $20,000 in revenue in 90 days
Soundstripe was churning thousands of users per month and not capturing meaningful feedback. They looked to ProsperStack to optimize their cancellation flow, provide detailed reporting on cancellation metrics and automate customer retention.
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Rachel R.
“ProsperStack is easy to setup and use!”
Our Family Wizard
Andrew S.
“Great partners helping us reduce churn and increase retention.”
Star Tribune
Toby C.
“Great platform, great support.”
Fresh Patch
An invaluable asset to our business. We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend ProperStack to any ecommerce store looking to take their operations to the next level.
Andrew Feld

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