Save more customers with deflection cards and get started faster with test mode

Save even more customers with our new deflection cards and get started with ProsperStack even faster with our new test mode. Read more

New views to better understand churn, connect to Chargify, and more!

Our new sessions and offers views will help you better understand and act on the churn data collected for you. We also welcome Chargify as an official integration and unlock translations in our latest round of updates. Read more

3 ways to create exceptional customer stickiness

Customer stickiness is the proclivity of customers to become repeat buyers or use your product frequently. In this post we cover three techniques for building exceptional customer stickiness. Read more

The complete guide to customer retention software

From analytics and onboarding to churn prediction and automated dunning, the scope of the customer retention software landscape can be overwhelming. We break it down. Read more

Perfect your cancel flow with conditional questions and custom CSS, integrate Slack and Zapier, and more

Gather specific feedback with conditional questions and match the cancellation experience to your brand and voice with custom text and CSS. Connect to Slack and virtually any app with Zapier. Read more

Prevent churn, grow revenue and gather actionable feedback, all from your cancellation flow.