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7 Effective SaaS Retention Strategies

Effectively managing churn can save your company valuable time and money by re-engaging existing customers. Get ProsperStack's 7 SaaS retention strategies here.

5 Steps to a More Profitable Customer Retention Experience

mproving the customer retention experience is essential to scaling your business. Learn how ProsperStack achieves this in 5 simple steps.

Announcing ProsperStack's $2M Seed Round

This investment brings ProsperStack’s total funding to date to $2.35 million, driving an impressive growth trajectory for the team of subscription industry experts.

3 Reasons Why Customer Loyalty and Retention are Important for SaaS

Why are customer loyalty and retention so crucial for SaaS companies? ProsperStack dives into this topic just for you to understand the value it brings to foster your clientele relationships.

Avoid These 5 Churn Management Software Mistakes

Mistakes happen, but you can take steps to ensure they don’t actually happen. Here are five churn management software mistakes to avoid from your churn experts at ProsperStack.

SaaS Churn Rate vs Retention Rate: How to Measure

What's the difference between SaaS churn rate and retention rate? ProsperStack dives into how you can accurately measure your company's churn rate.

5 Effective Winback Campaign Strategies to Implement

Win back customers (or former customers) and get them coming back to you again. Here are 5 effective winback campaign strategies to implement.

How to Leverage a Customer Offboarding Experience to Improve Your Product

How can you leverage the customer offboarding experience to improve your product? Let's find out.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Implement Winback Campaigns

Here are five reasons to implement winback campaigns.

How You Can Win Back Customers with a Self-Service Cancellation Experience

Here's how to create a successful and effective win back customer cancellation experience.

How to Craft an Effective Cancellation Flow

Discover how to build an effective cancellation flow from your experts at ProsperStack.

Get More Out of Your Automated Customer Retention Tools with A/B Testing

Find out why you should prioritize A/B testing in your search for the best customer retention software.

How SaaS Businesses Can Avoid Churn Risk

Aiding yourself with the right automated customer retention software, you can start to avoid churn risk at the moment of cancellation.

How Automated Customer Retention Technology Supports Sustainable Growth

Learn more about how automated customer retention technology supports sustainable growth for SaaS businesses.

7 Customer Retention Tool Must-Haves

We've put together a list of 7 features every customer retention tool should have.

4 SaaS Customer Retention Strategies That Promote Revenue Growth

Read about how these 4 SaaS customer retention strategies can promote revenue growth, while retaining customers.

7 Reasons Why You Need Customer Retention Software

Find why your subscription-based business can benefit, and increase overall ROI, from customer retention software.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention with Churn Management

What’s the easiest way to improve customer loyalty and retention? With a solid churn management program.

CA, NY Among States Cracking Down on Call to Cancel Policies – Here’s How it Affects You

CA and NY are leading the way in the crackdown on call-to-cancel policies. What does this mean for your subscription-based company?

How to Measure Your Churn Management Program

So you have your churn management program in place, great, what’s next? Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your churn program.

FTC: The End of Call to Cancel Policies

The FTC is cracking down on the end of call-to-cancel policies for good. Find out what this means for your subscription-based company.

How to Prevent Customer Loss with Churn Management Tools

Learn how the right churn management tools can prevent customers from leaving.

Best Churn Management Software for SaaS Companies

Choosing the right churn management software for your company is crucial when it comes to managing your customer turnover rate.

Churn Management 101 for SaaS Companies

Looking to better manage your customer retention? ProsperStack is here with Churn Management 101 for SaaS companies!

Discover the best retention offers with enhanced A/B testing

Our new enhanced A/B testing features enable intelligent optimization of your offer retention rates.

4 Churn Management Strategies to Increase LTV

Learn effective churn management strategies that will increase your LTV and help you implement successful churn programs.

Churn Management: What it is and why you need it

Understand what churn management is and why it is crucial for your subscription-based business.

Use your existing customer data to prevent churn with Segment + ProsperStack

Send your customer data from virtually any source to ProsperStack with the new Segment integration.

Unlock powerful customer segments with custom properties and our HubSpot integration

Learn about the new HubSpot integration, test mode and search features.

Save more customers with deflection cards and get started faster with test mode

Save even more customers with our new deflection cards and get started with ProsperStack even faster with our new test mode.

New views to better understand churn and Chargify integration

Learn about the new sessions and offer views, Chargify integration and internationalization features.

3 ways to create exceptional customer stickiness

Customer stickiness is the proclivity of customers to become repeat buyers or use your product frequently.

The complete guide to customer retention software

From analytics and onboarding to churn prediction and automated dunning, the scope of the customer retention software landscape can be overwhelming. We break it down.

Conditional questions and custom CSS, integrate Slack and Zapier

Connect to Slack and virtually any app with Zapier, add conditional questions to your flow and customize your branding with CSS.

Churn stakeholders: who is responsible for customer retention?

Customer success often takes responsibility for monitoring and improving churn, but it takes a company-wide effort to optimize customer retention.

5 virtual customer success conferences you can still attend in 2020

Many customer success conferences have gone virtual in 2020. Check out these five you can still attend.

Boost churn reduction with customer segmentation, Chargebee integration and more offer types

Fine-tune your churn-reduction tactics during cancellation with these great new features.

How to calculate customer and revenue churn rates

Learn the churn rate calculation best practices for subscription businesses.

Voluntary & involuntary churn: how to reduce both

Churn comes in two forms: voluntary and involuntary. Learn how to reduce both.

Reduce churn 10-30% with these 3 user offboarding tips

Is your offboarding process leaving customers with a bad taste in their mouth?

6 reasons why you should allow self-service cancellation

Here are the top reasons you should allow your customers to cancel directly from your product.

Craft a better win-back campaign with customer exit surveys

Learn how you can reacquire customers through strong win-back campaigns.

The 2 questions every customer exit survey should ask

Exit surveys are instrumental in understanding why customers cancel. These two questions will ensure you get actionable feedback.

4 ways to reduce customer churn during COVID

The coronavirus pandemic is a challenging time for everyone. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to both retain customers and act with compassion.

Customer churn analysis: understanding why customers leave

Customer churn is one of the most important metrics for any subscription business, whether a SaaS (Software as a Service), content or box subscription service.

Prevent churn, grow revenue and gather actionable feedback, all from your cancellation flow.