Easy setup for immediate impact

Launch in days, not weeks. ProsperStack has the easiest setup and the most integrations so you can start retaining more customers right away.

Deadline Funnel
ProsperStack is really easy to set up and to use. We were able to make an impact right away – we regularly see over 10x ROI.
Timothy Richards
Product Manager

Getting started couldn’t be simpler

With two ways to integrate, ProsperStack fits nicely in any tech stack, no matter your development resources.

Low code

Just a few lines of JavaScript and you’re up and running. Then completely customize your flow in ProsperStack at any time. No further development required.

No code

No developers, no problem. Allow subscribers to self-manage subscriptions on the ProsperStack customer portal — all the same great retention automation tools, no code required.

Connect your tools to start reducing churn instantly

Automate your retention strategy with seamless integrations — we have more than any competitor on the market.

Connect your subscription platform
Embed ProsperStack into your cancel button
Customize the cancellation experience
Start retaining more customers

It doesn’t end there. Customize your flow at any time, immediately putting into action what you learn from reporting insights and A/B tests, all without developers.

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Easy setup FAQs

Which billing platforms do you integrate with?
We integrate with Stripe, Chargebee, Recurly, Braintree, Maxio, Paddle, Zuora, Naviga, Recharge and Bold.
Which CRMs/CDPs do you integrate with?
We integrate with HubSpot, Salesforce, Intercom, Klaviyo and Twilio Segment. Note: requires Prosper or Enterprise plan.
Do you integrate with any other tools?
We integrate with Zapier and Slack. Or use our API for custom integrations.
Do you build custom integrations?
Reach out to our sales team to discuss building custom integrations.
Does ProsperStack automatically apply subscription changes & offers to my billing platform?
Yes, ProsperStack can automatically update your billing platform to apply coupons, pauses and other changes set up in your cancellation flow.
Does ProsperStack send cancellation reasons back to my CRM?
Yes, ProsperStack can send information, including cancellation reasons, into any integrated CRM. Note: requires Prosper or Enterprise plan.

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