Targeted retention offers & deflections that really work 

Design and test better incentives, optimize for performance, and match the right customers to the right offers at the right time.

ProsperStack enables us to offer our most loyal customers subscription renewal discounts and target other customer segments with unique offers.
Clay Reimus
Director of Growth & Analytics

Supercharge your retention offers

Targeted incentives make all the difference. Build powerful offers and deflections in a few clicks, and discover the top performers with detailed reporting. It all works seamlessly with your billing platform.

Renewal discount
Offer your most valuable customers a discount to renew their subscription.
Pause subscription
Allow a customer to pause their subscription temporarily.
Plan change
Retain revenue by offering customers a less expensive plan or different features.
Trial extension
Allow a one-time trial extension so your brand has more time to drive value.
Custom offer
Create any offer you can imagine. Even use custom fields from your billing platform or CRM/CDP.
Multiple offers
Display up to three offers at the same time and let customers choose their favorite.
Calculate ROI

Optimize customer retention the ProsperStack way

Don’t just save more customers, retain maximum revenue. All while providing the best possible experience for your users. That’s subscriber retention done right.

Two key retention strategies:
Segment high-value customers and incentivize them to stay with retention discounts 
Segment customers with service issues and deflect cancellations by reinforcing value and overcoming objections

Offers and incentives FAQs

How can I prevent my customers from gaming the system and getting more offers?
ProsperStack allows you to show an offer only once per customer or even to just a percentage of customers who click cancel.
How do I segment my customers to decide which offers to show them?
If your billing platform or CRM/CDP has a field for it, you can segment by it. You can also segment customers based on exit survey answers or previous activity in ProsperStack.

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