ProsperStack one of Tekpon's Top Subscription Management Software

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 11, 2024 -- ProsperStack, the automated churn solution for high-volume subscription businesses, has been named one of the Top Subscription Management Software (Q1 2024) solutions by online software marketplace Tekpon.

ProsperStack earned a score of 8.6/10 based on factors including features, ease of use and value. Tekpon writes, ProsperStack “stands out as a solution that pays for itself by addressing the crucial challenge of customer churn.”

It goes on to say, ProsperStack is “recognized for its user-friendly, low- and no-code solution, allowing for seamless and quick implementation by development teams. This ease of setup is coupled with the support of dedicated retention experts who guide users through initial implementation and ongoing optimization, leveraging their expertise to maximize the platform’s effectiveness.”

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Tony Sternberg, CEO of ProsperStack, shared his appreciation. “It’s a pleasure to be recognized for the value we bring our customers every day, helping them automate retention with clear, immediate ROI.”

In a recent interview with Cristian Dina of Tekpon, Tony described how ProsperStack helps businesses understand the problem of active churn and automates churn reduction, preventing up to 30% of cancellations. He covered some of ProsperStack’s best-loved features, including A/B testing, segmentation, and sentiment analysis, and how tight integration with subscription billing platforms such as Stripe, Chargebee and Maxio makes setup and ongoing customization a snap, cutting out development bottlenecks and empowering customer-focused teams.

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About ProsperStack

ProsperStack is the drop-in cancellation flow for subscription businesses that can prevent up to 30% of cancellations. We make it easy to start collecting quality feedback, boost retention with incentives and deflections, and continue to improve over time with A/B testing and powerful analytics.

That’s subscriber retention done right.

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ProsperStack is customer retention and conversion done right

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