Use your Segment data to automatically prevent churn during your cancellation process. Connect Segment to unlock powerful customer segmentation and targeting using your existing data.


How ProsperStack works

1. Embed the form

Seamlessly integrate the ProsperStack cancellation flow directly into your application with minimal dev time.

2. Learn from cancellations

Collect actionable data from customers when they cancel. Customize survey questions at any time.

3. Prevent churn with offers

Automatically present coupons and more to retain customers based on their answers and segments.

4. Analyze and win back

Use the insights you’ve gathered to improve your product and re-market to lost customers.

How it works with Segment

Send data from virtually any source to ProsperStack via the Segment integration. Build powerful targeting profiles to tailor offers and incentives designed to retain customers.

Segment + ProsperStack features

  • Add ProsperStack as a destination in Segment
  • Map customer traits from Segment data sources to custom properties in ProsperStack
  • Use custom properties to build powerful segments for targeted offers, conditional cancellation flow steps and more
  • View detailed retention reports based on your connected data

Use your existing customer data to prevent churn

Send data from CRMs, customer data platforms, data warehouses and more to ProsperStack. Make use of your existing customer data — without writing any code.

ProsperStack is customer retention and conversion done right

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