Connect Braintree to unlock advanced churn metrics, powerful customer segmentation, automated offers and recovered revenue tracking.


How ProsperStack works

1. Embed the form
Seamlessly integrate the ProsperStack cancellation flow directly into your application with minimal dev time.
2. Learn from cancellations
Collect actionable data from customers when they cancel. Customize survey questions at any time.
3. Prevent churn with offers
Automatically present coupons and more to retain customers based on their answers and segments.
4. Analyze and win back
Use the insights you’ve gathered to improve your product and re-market to lost customers.

How it works with Braintree

Connect Braintree to power your automated retention. ProsperStack can automatically present and apply targeted offers including coupons and plan changes with your Braintree account.

Braintree + ProsperStack features

  • Connect to ProsperStack with your Braintree API key
  • Process cancellations and apply offers automatically
  • Get detailed churn and recovered revenue reports with your Braintree data
  • Supported offers include coupons and plan changes

Create targeted incentives to prevent churn

Automate your retention efforts with targeted offers and inventives. Start preventing churn immediately with a customized cancellation flow powered by your Braintree account — with minimal dev time required.

Offload your cancellation process

ProsperStack manages your entire cancellation process. We use your Braintree account to handle cancellations, prevent churn with discounts and incentives, collect feedback and track recovered revenue — automatically.

Realize the ROI

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