The cancellation flow that automatically retains customers

Start with a beautiful cancellation experience designed around best practices, then customize from there. Collect relevant feedback and respond to changing needs immediately. A/B test offers to save more customers.

How it works

1. Embed the form
Seamlessly integrate the ProsperStack cancellation flow directly into your product with minimal dev time.
2. Learn from cancellations
Collect actionable data from customers when they cancel. Customize survey questions at any time.
3. Prevent churn with offers
Automatically present coupons and other incentives to retain customers based on their answers and segments.
4. Analyze and win back
Use the insights you’ve gathered to improve your product and re-market to lost customers.

Start on a firm foundation

Learn from what’s worked for others. Mix and match reusable components to create a powerful cancellation experience that customers won’t hate, that reinforces value and cuts churn. Then customize to your heart’s content.

Act quickly when needed

Make changes at any time to respond to the unexpected. No need for developers. A few clicks and you’re done. Whew, that was easy.

Create sophisticated rules for targeted offers

Retaining a customer requires the right message. Combine survey responses with customer segments based on MRR, plan, billing interval or custom data from your CRM or CDP to deliver the right offers to the right customers.

Find the best pitch with A/B tests

Pit offers head to head and discover which perform the best. ProsperStack can automatically apply coupons, extend trials, change plans and pause subscriptions when connected to a payment processor. Or create a custom offer that can do virtually anything with custom development. Have fun crafting!

Connect your billing platform to automate everything

ProsperStack integrates with the most popular billing platforms to automate the entire cancellation experience. A few lines of code and you're up and running.

Don't let customers slip away.