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New views to better understand churn and Chargify integration

December 29, 2020

The past couple of months have been focused on helping you get more out of the churn data we’re collecting for you, while adding another billing platform to the fold.

Check out these highlights:

  • A new dashboard with better metrics, cancellations view and offer stats

  • Chargify arrives as our latest billing platform integration

  • Translate your cancellation flow into all languages your app supports

  • Preview your cancellation flow as any segment

3 new views that help you better understand churn

The “Cancellations” and “Feedback” views have been renamed to “Sessions”. This will show all incomplete, canceled and saved cancellation sessions. Follow up with customers that have incomplete sessions to save even more revenue.

The new sessions view

The dashboard has been revamped to show even better metrics. Track lost MRR by reason and view offer performance at a quick glance.

Primary reasons for cancellation chart

Detailed reports within each offer have also been added. Know the overall acceptance rate or break it down by reason so you know which offers are performing best.

Offer resolution chart

Chargify is here!

We’ve added Chargify to our list of Stripe and Chargebee as fully integrated billing platforms. Connect your account to automate customer retention!

Provide a cancellation experience in all languages you support

If your application or service is offered in multiple languages, you’ll need to provide a cancellation flow that does as well. We now offer the ability to translate your flow into as many languages as you support.

An added benefit of translations is that all text on your cancellation flow is now editable.

Just contact us ( to enable this feature!

Preview your cancellation flow as any customer segment

Customer segmentation gives you the ability to build cancellation flows that are extremely tailored to each of your customers, meaning some customers might get a completely different set of questions or offers. And, after building out such customized rules, you would naturally want an easy way to test them out.

To make this possible, you can now preview your cancellation flow as any customer segment you’ve created to make sure those experiences are working as intended.

Preview the flow as a segment

More to come…

We can’t wait to show you what revenue-saving ideas we have in the pipeline.

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