Use your existing customer data to prevent churn with Segment + ProsperStack

Send customer data from your existing data sources to ProsperStack automatically with the new Segment integration.

Segment is a customer data platform that collects data from virtually any source so you can route it to where it needs to go. The new ProsperStack Destination receives data from Segment and automatically links it to your subscriber custom properties in ProsperStack.

Custom properties are a powerful way to segment and target subscribers in ProsperStack so you can present tailored offers and deflections. If you're storing customer data in another platform, the Segment integration makes it super easy to push data to ProsperStack, enabling enhanced segmenting for offers, conditional flow steps and reporting.

Getting started with ProsperStack + Segment

Get started with the Segment integration in your ProsperStack integration settings.

The Segment integration configuration dashboard

You can map your existing Segment traits to ProsperStack custom properties so your customer data is automatically linked to ProsperStack.

Check out the Segment integration documentation for a complete guide on configuring Segment with ProsperStack.

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