Getting started with ProsperStack

What is ProsperStack?

ProsperStack is the drop-in cancellation flow that prevents churn, automatically. Use targeted offers and deflection techniques to understand churn, save customers, capture feedback, increase LTV and make informed product, pricing and remarketing decisions.

How it works

ProsperStack integrates with your payment processor (Stripe, Chargebee, Recurly, etc.) to automatically reduce churn. ProsperStack provides your application with an optimized customer offboarding flow that collects feedback and presents tailored options designed to prevent churn, including coupons, subscription pauses, trial extensions and more.

How it works step 1

1. Embed the form

Seamlessly integrate the ProsperStack cancellation flow directly into your application with minimal dev time.

How it works step 2

2. Learn from cancellations

Collect actionable data from customers when they cancel. Customize survey questions at any time.

How it works step 3

3. Prevent churn with offers

Automatically present coupons and more to retain customers based on their answers and segments.

How it works step 4

4. Analyze and win back

Use the insights you’ve gathered to improve your product and re-market to lost customers.

First steps

To get started, begin by connecting your payment processor.

Don't let customers slip away.