Creating an offer

With ProsperStack you can present a variety of different offers to your customers to entice them to remain with you. Most offer types, with the exception of the “Custom” type, are automatically applied to the customer’s subscription via the integrated payment provider.

To create an offer, click “Offers” in the left navigation and then the “Create an offer” link. Offers can also be created when adding or editing offer rules.

Offer types


A coupon is a discount applied to the customer’s subscription. When you create a coupon in ProsperStack, we create it for you in your payment processor.

Change plan

Switch the customer to a new pricing plan as an alternative to canceling.

Trial extension

Extend the customer’s trial by a fixed amount of days.

Pause subscription

Pause the customer’s subscription (halt payments) for a fixed period of time. Choose between days, weeks, months, or indefinitely.


Custom offers allow you to create unique ways to incentivize your customers to stay. Implement custom logic in your application to take action when they are accepted.

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