Creating a segment

Use segments to subdivide your customers into groups based on payment criteria like MRR, billing interval, subscription duration and plan. Segments play an important role in determining how offers are presented to customers.

To create a segment, click “Segments” in the left navigation and then the “Create a segment” link. Segments can also be created when adding or editing offer rules.

Creating a segment


Segments are made up of a set of conditions that define which customers belong to the segment. When creating a segment you’ll create one or more conditions made up of a property, an operator and a value, for example: Subsciber - MMR > $100. Customers must match all criteria to belong to the segment.

Available properties


  • MRR
  • Status
  • Subscription


  • Is free trial
  • Status
  • Duration (days)


  • ID (Stripe only)


  • ID
  • Interval
  • Interval count
  • Quantity

Custom properties

Aside from the default available properties, segments can also use any of your custom properties. Learn how to create custom properties in the next section.

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