Creating a deflection

Deflection cards are a powerful way to redirect a canceling subscriber to custom content. Use them to reinforce value, provide alternatives to cancellation or anything else you can think up.

Example deflection

To create a deflection card, open the flow editor by clicking Flow in the left navigation and then the pencil icon in the flow steps diagram.

Opening the flow editor

In the flow editor, click the plus icon that appears between steps in the top section.

Creating a deflection

Deflection details

Deflections are made up of a title, content and an action.

New deflection details

Click the pencil icon next to each item to add content.

Editing the deflection content

Editing the content section opens a rich text editor where you can craft your tailored deflection message.

Editing the deflection content

Use the buttons in the editing toolbar to add headings, format the content of your message or insert images.

Text editor toolbar

Inserting videos

You can also insert videos in the content section to present a custom video message to your subscribers. Supported video platforms include Vimeo, Wistia, Loom and YouTube.

Click the video icon in the text editor to open the video dialog. Choose your video provider and paste the URL to the video in the Video URL text box. If you'd like the video to auto-play when the deflection card is viewed by a subscriber, toggle the Auto-play option.

Inserting a video

Customizing the action

Customize the action by entering the text to be displayed in the button and adding a URL. When a canceling subscriber clicks the action button, they'll be redirected to this URL, so you can use it to point them to a help article, trigger some custom logic in your application, or anything else you can think of!

Editing an action

Note that the deflection step will not be active in your cancellation flow until an action URL has been added.

Displaying a deflection conditionally

Deflections can be displayed only when certain conditions are met, based on customer segments or answers to previous questions. Conditions are covered in the next section.

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