Connecting your payment processor

Connecting your payment processor with ProsperStack allows for seamless integration of past cancellations, churn metrics and many features that automate the process of preventing churn.

Connect payment processor


To connect Stripe, you'll need to be an Administrator of your Stripe account to create a secret API key.

Connect Stripe Step 1

You can create a new secret key from the API keys page in your Stripe dashboard. For more information on Stripe API keys, see the Stripe documentation.

Once your API key is accepted, you'll be redirected to Stripe to continue the connection process.

Connect Stripe Step 2

After you authorize access to your Stripe account, you'll be redirected back to ProsperStack where the import process will begin automatically.


To connect Chargebee, you'll need your Chargebee site name and API key.

Connect Chargebee

Site Name - Your Chargebee site name is the first part of the URL in your Chargebee account. For example, if your site is accessed at, your site name is acme. If you'd like to connect your test Chargebee site instead, append -test to the site name, for example acme-test.

API Key - You can find your Chargebee API key by navigating to Settings → Configure Chargebee → API keys in your Chargebee account.

For more information on Chargebee API keys, see the Chargebee documentation.

After clicking Connect Chargebee, the import process will being automatically.


If you aren't using one of the available payment processor integrations or you have a custom subscription setup that doesn't make use of Stripe or Chargebee subscriptions, you can choose to skip the payment processor connection step.

If you choose to skip the payment processor connection, past cancellations, recovered revenue, coupon and trial extension offers will not be available.

After connecting

After you've connected your payment processor, the import process will begin automatically. This process can take a while, depending on how much data you have. You don't need to stay logged in to ProsperStack for it to finish — we'll continue importing your data in the background and send you an email when it's complete.

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