Save more customers with deflection cards and get started faster with test mode

Our latest round of updates brings new key features and a couple other big improvements to ProsperStack.

Here are the highlights:

  • New deflection cards allow you to save even more customers

  • Test mode speeds up integration by toggling between development and production modes

  • Put cancellation steps in any order you want

  • Segments are now easier to build

Prevent cancellations with our new “Deflection” card type

Our new “Deflection” card allows you to insert custom headlines, text and an action button that links to any resource of your choosing. Use it to redirect to a help article, contact form, or anything else you can think of to help deter cancellations.

Reinforce value with custom deflection cards

Test mode makes it even easier to get started with ProsperStack

Our new test mode allows you to get started with your ProsperStack integration without touching your production billing data. When test mode is enabled, you can connect to your billing platform’s test account, configure your cancellation flow and make any other changes without affecting your production data.

Test mode can be toggled on or off at any time, so you can use it whenever you need to make changes to your integration.

Enable test mode to ease integration

Fully customize the order of the steps in your cancellation flow

When we first built our initial cancellation flow, certain steps were always fixed. Acknowledgements were first, survey questions second and offers third.

Now, you are able to put to use all of our card types — acknowledgements, deflections and questions — in any order.

Segment improvements make them easier to build than ever

We’ve improved the segment builder by reorganizing the drop-down, adding more operators and pre-filling options that are already on your billing platform.

This allows you to create segments using attributes like plan names or IDs much more easily as those values are pre-populated.

Easier, more powerful segment building

More to come

We can’t wait to show you what revenue-saving ideas we have in the pipeline.

Have an idea?

Give us a shout at or @prosperstack.


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