Unlock powerful customer segments with custom properties and our HubSpot integration

Our latest round of updates brings new key features and a couple other big improvements to ProsperStack.

Here are the highlights:

  • Custom properties let you segment your customers in powerful new ways

  • New and expanded integrations with HubSpot, Stripe and Chargebee bring more data into ProsperStack, code-free

  • View session and offer data with our new Insights section

  • Draft mode allows you to make changes to your cancellation flow before publishing them to production

  • Search for your subscribers in the Sessions view

Segment your customers in powerful new ways with custom properties

Create and use custom properties to build segments based on data stored on either a subscription or subscriber.

Choose from text, number (unformatted, formatted or currency), true/false and date field types and use them to create segments for your customers.

Segment customers by custom properties

Bring more data into ProsperStack with our new HubSpot integration while Stripe and Chargebee now support custom metadata

Our all-new HubSpot integration lets you bring valuable information about your customers already stored in your CRM or customer data platform. Stripe and Chargebee integrations have been improved to support custom metadata. Choose which pieces of data come into ProsperStack by mapping them to your custom properties.

Best of all there is no additional development required, so you can start taking advantage of these new integrations right away.

Map data from HubSpot into ProsperStack properties

Track progress with Insights

Our all-new Insights area allows you to filter session and offer data by date and customer segment. Now, you can measure how you’re doing after milestones like changes in your cancellation flows, offers presented, or even by the seasonality of your business.

Measure effectiveness with insights

Make changes and test your cancellation flow with drafts

Nervous about making changes to your live cancellation flow? Now any changes you make are put into draft mode, where you can test them with confidence before publishing them to your customers.

Test changes to your cancellation flow before making them live

Over time, paging through the sessions view for the cancellation you’re looking for can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Now, find the customer you’re looking for right away when searching by name, email, subscription ID or customer ID.

Search for subscribers by name, email or ID

More to come

We can’t wait to show you what revenue-saving ideas we have in the pipeline.

Have an idea?

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