Conditional questions and custom CSS, integrate Slack and Zapier

We’ve been hard at working adding new features to help you build the cancellation flow of your dreams.

Check out these highlights:

  • Gather more specific data with conditional questions

  • Match your brand by customizing the flow’s text and CSS

  • Get notified in Slack and send data to other apps with Zapier

  • Present alternatives to cancellation with the “change plan” offer type

  • Let ProsperStack automatically cancel subscriptions

Get specific with conditional questions

Question conditions allow you to display questions based on customer segments or answers to previous questions. For example, if a customer is leaving for a competitor, you may want to ask which competitor. Or a question may only be relevant to certain segments of your customers, such as free trials.

Setting question conditions in the flow editor

Match your company brand to your cancel flow

To ensure your brand and voice carry over to the cancellation experience, you can now edit the text in the flow and modify CSS to change colors, buttons and virtually anything else.

Example of custom CSS for brand-aligned colors and fonts

New third-party integrations with Slack and Zapier

Post real-time notifications to a Slack channel of your choosing whenever customers cancel or are saved.

Transfer feedback and results from cancel flow sessions to thousands of apps, such as your CRM or customer success platform of choice, with Zapier. There are virtually endless possibilities.

Offer an alternative plan to retain customers

This month we’re introducing another way for you to entice customers to stay: the “change plan” offer, which lets you present an alternative plan to customers. For example, if a price-sensitive customer on a monthly plan is attempting to cancel, present an annual plan to save them money while keeping them around for at least the next 12 months.

Example of a "change plan" offer

Automatic cancellation options

As an alternative to processing cancellations on your own, you can now have ProsperStack automatically cancel subscriptions immediately or at the end of the current billing cycle. One less piece for you to build out on your own!

There's more where that came from

We’re only getting started! We can’t wait to show you what revenue-saving features we have in the pipeline.

Have an idea?

Give us a shout at or @prosperstack.


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